How to find a reliable heating electrician

Equipment used by an electrician

How do you find the right supplier to install and repair your electric heating? What should you look for? What are some of the red flags? This article will cover all of the questions you might have so you can find a reliable heating electrician. It’s not easy to find a reliable, cost-effective and knowledgeable […]

Summer heating tips

A green and blossoming garden on a warm bright summers day

While summer doesn’t seem like the time to be thinking about your heating, there are some things you should do to ensure you’re not either paying for electricity you don’t need to use or feeling cold early in the morning or late at night. In our changeable Scottish climate, being able to rely on an […]

Free guide to electric radiators

The Haverland RCTT Inerzia electric radiator on a green wall in a right colourful modern living space

About electric radiators Electricity powers many homes around the UK. In fact, there are around 2.2m households (8.5%) in GB use electric heating, with higher proportions in Scotland (13%) compared to England (8%) and Wales (5%). Electric central heating comes in two forms: an electricity-powered boiler, usually in place of an old gas-fired boiler, or […]

Heating your office efficiently

An electric radiator mounted to the wall with a home office in view

Being productive in your office means being comfortable. And to be a comfortable environment, your office must be warm and draft-free. Electric heating is the most common heating solution for commercial office environments, with its easy installation, predictable costs, noise-free operation, and easy control.  Electric radiators are also a quick, simple and low-cost way to […]

The electric heating jargon buster

This guide will help you understand everything you need to know about common electric heating terminology and technology. Electric central heating Think of central heating and you probably think of a gas-fired boiler and water-filled radiators, or possibly oil central heating instead. But electricity powers many homes around the UK as the sole source of […]

Gas central heating ban in new homes

From 2025, new home builders will not be able to install gas central heating due to a new government mandate to tackle fossil fuel emissions. Climate change ‘crisis’ 15% of the UK’s planet-warming gases come from heating our homes. And gas is currently the primary source of heating in around 85% of our homes. Efforts […]