Atlantic Galapagos radiator (low height)

The Galapagos is a stylish, electric, fluid-filled radiator that delivers an even, consistent heat from its entire surface using thermofluid technology. It is available in standard height and vertical models.

The Galapagos electric radiator has an automatic mode that tracks your heating requirements and room occupancy. It adapts heating to ‘comfort’ or ‘eco’ mode accordingly, as well as being able to detect open windows. The Galapagos has a stylish, curved aluminium front panel ideal for modern living rooms and kitchens.


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Which radiator is right for your room?

You should select a model based on your size and heat requirements. Get help working out room sizes and the wattage you need:

Wattage calculator

Why buy this radiator?

  • Thermofluid technology – heating element immersed in a heat transmitting fluid
  • Temperature accuracy to ±0.1˚C
  • Aluminium front panel with a stylish, curved design
  • Double insulation and over-temperature safety device
  • In-built smart control function which tracks the user’s comfort requirements as well as room occupancy, adapting heating to comfort or eco modes accordingly
  • Open / closed window detection switches heater to a minimum when windows are open
  • Secure control panel
  • Anti-dust technology

Additional information

Output and size

750W (height: 388mm, width: 771mm, depth: 133mm) 1000W (height: 388mm, width: 971mm, depth: 133mm) 1400W (height: 388mm, width: 1371mm, depth: 133mm)

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