Atlantic Tatou radiant heater (horizontal)

The Tatou is a digital radiant panel heater. It is also available as a vertical model.

Using Infrared technology, it offers greater energy savings compared to a conventional electric heater. With absence and presence detectors, open window detection and super sleek design, the Tatou heater is not only functional but stylish too. Bring lasting, comfortable heat to your home.

Pricing is available on request as part of a free quote

Which radiator is right for your room?

You should select a model based on your size and heat requirements. Get help working out room sizes and the wattage you need:

Wattage calculator

Dimensions for the radiator

Why buy this radiant heater?

  • Motion Sensor
    When no motion is detected for over 30 minutes, Tatou responds by turning itself down by 2°C then automatically resets when motion is detected again.
  • Light Sensor
    Tatou responds when it’s lights-out time. The heater automatically turns down by 2°C then resets when the lights are switched back on.
  • Draft Sensor
    When a rapid drop in temperature is detected, Tatou switches to standby then returns to heating automatically when air temperature stabilises.
  • Consumption Indicator
    Monitor Tatou energy use as you go — you’ll like what you see.
  • Programmable
    Time to farewell timers and welcome Tatou’s press of a button pre-set programs.
  • Safe
    • Child-safe surface temperature
    • Lockable control panel
    • Asthma and allergy friendly with premium anti-dust process
    • Automated safety cut-off feature
    • Splash-proof
    • Silent

Additional information

Output and size

500W (height: 470mm, width: 465mm, depth: 120mm) 750W (height: 470mm, width: 540mm, depth: 120mm) 1000W (height: 470mm, width: 615mm, depth: 120mm) 1250W (height: 470mm, width: 765mm, depth: 120mm) 1500W (height: 470mm, width: 840mm, depth: 120mm) 2000W (height: 470mm, width: 1060mm, depth: 120mm)

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