Haverland Inerzia Dry Stone radiator

The Haverland INERZIA Dry Stone radiator is ideal for rooms with high ceilings, open-plan design, and large windows. Rooms like these have always been considered to be expensive and difficult to heat using traditional heating methods. However, the high energy efficiency and intensified thermal performance of INERZIA ‘Dry Stone’ makes it a cost-effective and viable heating solution.


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Which radiator is right for your room?

You should select a model based on your size and heat requirements. Get help working out room sizes and the wattage you need:

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Why buy this radiator?

The secret of Inerzia’s success lies in Haverland’s ‘ Dry Stone’ thermal technology. This lightweight, thermal medium provides a more imposing level of thermal performance.

  • Lot 20 Compliant
  • Fully controllable digital thermostat
  • Natural stone resistance with high thermal inertia
  • Built-in energy monitor
  • Daily programming, hour by hour and Manual programming function
  • Open window detection
  • Adaptative start control
  • Easy to use keypad
  • High precision electronics
  • Safety thermal limiter
  • Easy & quick installation
  • Complete with UK plug & power cord.
  • IP20, Class 1

Additional information

Output and size

1000 watts (750 x 100 x 572mm) 1500 watts (903 x 100 x 572mm) 1800 watts (1036 x 100 x 572mm)

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