Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater

One of the most advanced, economical, off-peak electric heaters available. It uses low cost, off-peak energy making it very economical.


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Which radiator is right for your room?

You should select a model based on your size and heat requirements. Get help working out room sizes and the wattage you need:

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Why buy this heater?

With capabilities to adapt to your usage, lifestyle and climate conditions, the Quantum storage heater will deliver heat only when it is required ensuring no energy or money is wasted.

The compact, state-of-the-art build of the Quantum ensures it is the perfect upgrade for static storage heaters and its unique design covers previous fixing marks of most comparably sized storage heaters, making them an ideal replacement. It also has revolutionary iQ controls and an easy to understand LCD display, which enable your heating requirements to be pre-set with a seven-day programmer and different user profiles such as ‘holiday mode’ that can be used as required.

By using primarily off-peak energy, it is expected that 90% of the heating requirement will be met with low-cost energy, offering you savings of up to 27% compared to a standard storage heater system* and up to 47% compared to an electric convector or radiator system.

*According to independent testing.

Additional information

Output and size

500W (height: 730mm, width: 580mm, depth: 185mm) 700W (height: 730mm, width: 703mm, depth: 185mm) 1000W (height: 730mm, width: 865mm, depth: 185mm) 1250W (height: 730mm, width: 1069mm, depth: 185mm) 1500W (height: 730mm, width: 1069mm, depth: 185mm)

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