Atlantic Agilia IO radiator

If you need a user-friendly, elegant, smart and compact radiator, Agilia IO is an ideal option. Agilia IO is equipped with two innovative functions. Cozytouch allows real-time monitoring and remote piloting of the appliance through a smartphone or a tablet. With Smart pilot, the appliance learns your life rhythm and comfort requirements, thanks to absence/presence detection, to drive optimal comfort and energy savings (up to 45% compared with a mechanical convector).


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Which radiator is right for your room?

You should select a model based on your size and heat requirements. Get help working out room sizes and the wattage you need:

Wattage calculator

Why buy this radiator?

  • Meets a wide range of interior decoration requirements
  • As compact as a convector, this appliance is a great space-saving solution
  • Silent and easy to install
  • Includes a user-friendly LCD digital display unit, showing temperature, energy consumption and active mode (Manual, Prog or Auto mode), is easily accessible and usable on the upper rear side
  • Has a full range of great features such a, an electronically controlled thermostat, an energy consumption indicator, an anti-staining process (ASP), a presence/absence sensor, an open/close windows detector

Additional information

Output and size

500W (height: 530mm, width: 372mm, depth: 129mm) 750W (height: 530mm, width: 372mm, depth: 129mm) 1000W (height: 530mm, width: 446mm, depth: 129mm) 1250W (height: 530mm, width: 520mm, depth: 129mm) 1500W (height: 530mm, width: 594mm, depth: 129mm) 2000W (height: 530mm, width: 742mm, depth: 129mm)

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